Hello, my name is Kevin. I live on the edge of Dartmoor in the heart of Devon, UK.

A trained illustrator and graphic designer, I discovered the medium of ceramic artwork in 2011 and since then have been creating highly individual, exceptionally long-lasting pieces. My inspirations vary from the haunting Dartmoor landscapes around me to the eye-catching illustration styles of the 1950s and 1960s.

I produce two very distinct styles of artwork. One is quirky bright and fun, normally featuring an animal, these are great for nursery rooms and bright mid-century inspired home decor. The other style is more naturalistic, contemporary, suited to any type of decor and very popular with wildlife lovers.

Gicl‌ée Prints

This year I have introduced a range of limited edition gicl‌ée prints of my artwork. After testing different papers and finishes, I am proud to have selected a combination which I feels best reproduces the vivid colours of my original artwork. The ceramic original artwork has been scanned at extremely high resolution to ensure the detailed textures are captured.

Signing Narwhal

Ceramic Originals

There are many stages in creating the original ceramic artwork. This is the process:

1. I roll out the clay and cut the tiles into shape. They is left to dry for several weeks.

2. I use a sharp engraving tool to scratch a picture into the dry clay.

3. The etched tile is then fired in a kiln.

4. The tile is then delicately painted with glazes. I use an initial wash of black glaze and then work into the picture. The colour tiles are built up with layers of colour.

5. Once glazed it is ready to be fired again.

6. I then mount the artwork on a solid wood handmade bespoke frame. It is raised above the hardboard backing with little wooden mounts. The frame is painted with several layers of quality white primer paint and sanded down for a nice finish.

4 step process

Although the process is lengthy and the glazes are often unpredictable, the wonderful thing is the colours and tactile finish will never fade.

Most of the pieces are small, perfect for any room in the house. They are framed in solid wood, handmade bespoke frames which also stand upright on shelves.

These ceramic pieces are currently not listed for sale on my website, but if you see an image which you’d like to buy the original of, please enquire via my contact page.

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