Hairy Cow – Original Ceramic Artwork


Ceramic wall art portrait of a quirky hairy cow, inspired by mid-century illustration styles.

This ceramic tile is handmade by me from scratch. I roll out the clay and cut it into a square, then I intricately incise the picture before firing, then carefully hand-paint with ceramic glazes and fire again. The result is an exceptionally detailed and tactile finish which has the added benefit of never fading.

The piece is then mounted in a handmade bespoke solid wood box frame painted white. My frames contain no glass in order to allow the details and texture of the artwork to shine. This piece will sit comfortably on the shelf or hang on the wall (hanger attached).

This is a completely unique one-off piece of artwork.

Availability: In stock

Frame: 171 x 171mm
Ceramic tile: 102 x 102mm

Depth: 23mm

Weight 750 g